About Me.

I am artsy through and through but instead of pursuing art in college I chose to pursue education. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education but have a passion for all things creative. My background in Education comes in handy while I raise our 3 littles (and homeschool the oldest) but in all honesty, my passion is art.

As an introvert, I find myself needing an outlet to share what’s on my mind. If I am the only one that views this space, I am fine with that. It’s nice to have a spot where my creative side can be but also a place for me to wrestle with what’s on my heart or comes sputtering out of my brain.

I like to create, I love to experiment and I am passionate about creating a home for my family where they feel loved, feel safe and are able to thrive. I also crave simplicity. With three kids, I don’t like to waste time on the complicated.

If a recipe is too hard, I make it easy.

If an art project is too crazy, I make it simple.

If a design project is too expensive and seems like it’s going to be a headache, I DIY with frugality.

If my wardrobe is all over the place, I edit it down.

If my heart is overwhelmed, I seek peace. Plain and simple, I long to live a life that’s simple, intentional and joy filled.

Thanks for joining me,


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