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My journey to health and feeling well again has been a slow process. I’ve hit lows and been in wonderful highs where I feel perfectly fine. It’s always this balancing act of trying not to obsess over doing it right and feeling like a failure when my body responds negatively.

Over 6 years of struggling to find balance. Juggling pregnancy and babies, hormonal changes, body changes and finding my new normal in health seems to be riddled with daily choices. How I respond to stress, what I do when I don’t feel well, what products I use, what food I put into my body and how I define my days seems like a full time job.

When it comes down to it, it is my full time job to take care of my body. I have three little ones and a husband that I love to serve and that love to have me around. I want to be present, I want to not have a body that limits my time with them. So yes, I take health and wellness very seriously. I want others to take it seriously as well. I love to help others on the journey. I’ve been in the doctors office scared of what might happen to my body. I’ve been so desperate for understanding of what autoimmune disease looks like.



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