Elodie’s {Birth} Day

I wrote about Liam’s birthday after he was born and I promised myself and any future children that I would stay on top of things like printing pictures and documenting life. I’m getting it done, just nearly three months after the fact…

A week before Elodie was born, I was able to see her in a sonogram and get her final weight check. She was weighing in at over 8 pounds and I was expecting another large headed, wide shouldered, rolls-on-rolls baby that wouldn’t fit into newborn clothes. That day I set my induction date for my official due date of June 5. Because of Lupus and the risks to her heart and lungs and my blood pressure going past my due date isn’t really an option. It was game on at that point.

I did everything in my power to help her along before my due date. Each ultrasound towards the end showed her low and ready to go. They said that, when she came, she would come quickly. I didn’t want to be induced so as each day went by without her arrival, I was disappointed. I had false labor for weeks and I was about one more contraction away from making the phone call on a few occasions. The contractions faded and disappeared.

By the time Monday came around, my mind was elsewhere. The nesting instinct was long gone and my house was proof of that. Monday was a quiet day without much action on the baby front {the calm before the storm ;) } Tuesday morning Liam and I went to buy some plants for our flower boxes. We were going to the park later that morning but before that we stopped at a coffee shop and I let Liam pick out whatever he wanted. It was a nice date with my little man. At this point, I started noticing that feeling. It was a feeling that I remembered from the day Liam was born.

We made it to the park and I carried my phone around timing contractions. At one point I went down the slide with Liam and about five minutes later Jeremy called to check in on his lunch break. I told him what was going on and he asked ‘is this it?’ I had so many ‘this is it’ moments the previous weeks that I didn’t want him driving all the way home for another false alarm. I said I’d call him back when I got home.

We made it home and at that point, I knew. I put Liam in front of the TV and gave him who knows what for lunch. I went to the bathroom and let’s just say, I knew it was go time. I called Jeremy and told him to get home. He arranged for us to drop Liam off {thanks Kendra!} and called my mom. I loaded the car {in between contractions- ha!} and waited. Jeremy came home and requested to take a quick shower and we were off.

My midwife wanted to check me before admission so I went to the clinic first knowing that I would be delivering in a few hours. I sat in the waiting room for what felt like forever and was finally asked to come back. As they were checking my weight, I was hit with my hardest contraction. My midwife came around the corner and said ‘Let’s get her to the delivery room.’

After 2 hours of labor in the delivery room my water broke and I went from 6 cm to 10 cm in 10 minutes. After 15 minutes of pushing my sweet little girl was born. I pushed for 45 minutes with Liam so I wasn’t expecting her so quickly. They put her in my arms and I instantly loved her. She was a petite, skinny version of Liam with dark hair and a good set of lungs. Apparently the ultrasound isn’t accurate for weight because she weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 20 inches long.

We named her Elodie Suzanne. We loved names beginning with ‘El’ and we discovered her name the day we found out we were having a girl. Elodie is a historical French name with medieval roots {learn about it here} Her middle name is after my mom.

Our little ‘Elle Belle’ is the sweetest addition to our family. She is laid back and loves to sleep {amen!}. She smiles easy and eats like a champ. She is a more feminine version of her brother but with darker hair. We love her to pieces and can’t even remember what our lives were like without her. We are so thankful for the Lord’s protection of her heart while in utero, a safe labor and delivery, and the overall blessing of our sweet little girl. Our hope is that her heart would be captivated by the Lord. That her life would reflect the love of Jesus Christ and that she would always strive to live a life for Him.

And just because she is too cute for words…


On her birthday.



One month old.


At the beach.


She’s a keeper.

2 responses to “Elodie’s {Birth} Day”

  1. All I can say is…BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Yup! She’s a keeper…and we are blessed!

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