It’s Been A Long Time.

I began this space a long time ago as a place where I could document my own experiences, talk about what was on my mind and share with others. As an introvert, I tend to bottle up thoughts and I tend to overthink everything. Here, in this space, I gave myself the freedom to share what was on my heart.

I took a break from it because I had three kids. Man, do they consume my everyday. It’s a good thing and a not so good thing. I sometimes find myself getting so wrapped up in what they are doing, not doing, eating or not eating that I forget to escape for a moment, catch my breath, savor the moment, process or rest.


A lot has changed over these past few years. My children are growing, like crazy, and I feel like I have a slightly better grip on this stay at home/work from home mom thing. When I say slightly, I mean I can handle chaos better. I can multi-task a little better, I know what needs to be done vs what can wait, I can deep clean our house in 1 hour if everyone is out of it, and I have gained a bit more confidence in my parenting.

Do I have it all together? Absolutely not. Do I yell at my kids? Yup, sometimes. Do I want to pull my hair out at the end of some days? You bet. I firmly believe that striving for perfection will never produce perfection. Kids are messy. Parenting is hard. Staying at home with kids can be incredibly difficult. Attempting to work from home can feel pointless at times.

My goal is to share my heart, to make sure that I’m not just putting out pretty perfection but to show the pretty in the imperfect.

Here’s what I hope to share in this space:

Motherhood (because that is currently my biggest role)

Home (style, décor, DIY)

Natural Living (My auto-immune journey and how we transformed our way of eating and home)

Food (My DIY Recipes- So I can find them :)

My Shop (I love to paint/create and I’m finally creating a space to share it)

Giveaways (because I’m also DIYing something and always have extra)


I’m going to attempt to stay regular in this spot because, let’s be honest, I don’t get out much and sometimes comment conversation is my only social interaction in a day. 




2 responses to “It’s Been A Long Time.”

  1. Amanda Taylor Avatar
    Amanda Taylor

    I look forward to every post!!

    1. We will see how consistent I can be ;)

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